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Joshua Soto is the owner of Joker Visions Photography located in Central Florida. Joshua was born and raised in Chicago until the age of 19. He then joined the Army and served ten years and reached the honorable rank of Sergeant. At this time he was a highly decorated soldier and had served around the world.


Joshua is also a graduate of Full Sail University. He graduated with a BA degree in Digital Art and Design. After graduation, Joshua launched his company in Florida, where he began his journey in various different photography styles. While honing his skills & exploring, he started to gain notoriety in his field from well known & respected celebrities. His award-winning work has been published many times in internationally known magazines and websites. He has been featured on many radio stations to promote and speak about his work and also what drives him as a photographer. He also works with various non-profit organizations to help those less fortunate. He soon realized his gift and wanted to boost client’s confidence and share what he sees in them through his lens. 


He realized the only way to share his passion and story was through his camera. It was in this capacity he began to expand his portfolio and decided to offer photography classes. All of his hard work paid off as he then became the "Peace on The Streets" Media Director. Joshua is also featured on a television series as well as one of the "Top Forty Photographers in the World" according to Girl Fight Magazine. He continues to show the world that they don’t have to live in societies box of beautiful and show them everyone is beautiful in their own way and he does this through his camera and his motivational work with the "Peace on the Streets" team.