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Mimi Mala

Registered Bilingual Reporter

- Brand Ambassador for 321-No-Fault

- Host

- Producer

- Radio personality

- Owner of “Peace On the streets radio show” on WOKB 1680am/FM.

- Owner of Steward Management (PR Co.)

- Sports reporter 

- Live shows 

- Film 

- Broadcasting

- Live stream contracted host for UP LIVE USA.

Chief Officer of Media Content and Broadcasting for Radio & TV Entertainment N.E.T.S. 

- Brand Ambassador for Genius is common movement  - Bruce George Co-founder of Def poetry jam on HBO

-2x Stellar Award Winning Station currently nominated for a 3rd. 

-2x Best Radio show currently nominated for a 3rd. 

-Honoree- Most influential woman of Orlando 2018’

-Best Host Award

-Nominated for best host - Awards March  2019.

-Over 60,000 listeners in central Florida 

-5K streaming -Contracted Host for UP LIVE USA


Mimi “I don’t care about fame or riches, I just want to be able to make a positive movement and help make positive changes in our world.”

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